Asbestos Management Services

West Environmental Svs Ltd have responsible management, staff and personnel fully experienced and suitably trained for surveying of premises and use a high level of subjective assessment which ensures there is adequate training and their experience allows them the correct time in which to carry out asbestos surveying correctly and with complete confidence.

The procedures used for conducting the survey, assessing and the documentation of the findings are clearly recorded. Asbestos: The survey guide book

West Environmental Svs Ltd has a complete quality management system which is implemented and audited for continual update and improvement.

As part of the management of asbestos, we offer a structured series of support services, covering the various elements that dutyholders need to implement in order to comply with the regulations:

  • project evaluation - assessing the measures necessary when preparing tenders and specifications for construction work, especially where there is a possibility that asbestos containing materials may be encountered;
  • health and safety evaluation – assisting dutyholders in preparing Priority Assessments following asbestos surveys so that appropriate measures are put in place for properly managing asbestos in their premises;
  • design and management packages – preparation of drawings and specifications for property refurbishment, alterations and extensions, including applications for Planning Permission and Building Control approval;
  • contractor audits – assessing the competency of contractors and individuals when dealing with situations where asbestos containing materials are involved, including the preparation of suitable risk assessments and method statements and on-site advice and audits.


These are tailored to individual client’s needs, either as a total package or with a focus on individual requirements.


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