Lead Paint Testing


Lead paint can cause certain issues/hazards when redecorating or working on particularly older buildings or structures such a railway bridges. Here at West Environmental Svs we offer a service to undertake lead paint testing, whether the sample is brought to our offices or you require us to perform a site visit and undertake the sample ourselves we can provide results.

Environmental Cleaning

Right up to the mid 1960's lead based paints had been commonly used. White lead was commonly used as a additive to paints that were used in an undercoat and a top coat for the usage on things such as wood and metal materials, either externally or internally. The Red lead was used more like an anti-corrosive primer coating to such materials as steel work, mainly bridges (structural) and railings, gates and fences. In our day and age the removal of these old lead paints can cause a large amount of dust that can be harmful to health, some of the older lead paints can even contain a lead content over 25%. Before putting your family or workforce at risk you should consider testing and removal of such lead containing paints. For lead paint testing and further information please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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