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West Environmental Svs offer a range of asbestos / safety at work related courses. 


  • Asbestos awareness- The UKATA approved asbestos awareness training course will provide delegates with basic knowledge of the dangers of asbestos, where it can be found within buildings, the health implications and the basic legislation surrounding it. The course is designed for anyone who is likely to come into contact with asbestos and anyone working within a room/ building where there is a likelihood they could potentially disturb asbestos.


  • Non- Licensable works with asbestos (including notifiable non-licensed works) – All non-licensed and NNLW work must be carried out by operatives who hold this certificate, where they can work in a way that reduces the exposure of asbestos and protects themselves and others. The course includes a theory session consisting of where asbestos can be found, health implications, legislation and emergency procedures with the practical session running through the different ways to work with asbestos and its associated control measures.


  • Duty to Manage- The course is aimed at those who manage non domestic premises and have a duty over those who work within that premises. It provides basic understanding of the legislative requirements of CAR2012 with particular reference to the Duty Holder. The different types of surveys are explained and management options if any asbestos materials are found on site. It provides expansion of the asbestos awareness course including works with asbestos, control measures, emergency procedures and legislative competency.


  • Face Fit Testing- It is a legal requirement that operatives who work with asbestos must have a face fit test to ensure their mask fits them. Qualitative testing (taste testing) is done while the operative is wearing the mask they will be using for asbestos works to ensure it is sufficient for protection. The course can be run as a bolt-on to the Non Licensed works course. 


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